How do I know you're a real company, not a scam, and don't sell a placebo "snake oil" product?

The simple answer is that we are, and we don't.  But since, like the effectiveness of our product, we believe in proof, the following ways are just a few methods to instantly verify our authenticity.

There are attached certifications posted on our website that can only be attained by businesses registered with a Federal EIN number.  Federal EIN numbers can only be attained by business in good standing, approved through the Office of the Secretary of State where the business is registered.  These certificates are click-able, and provide real-time information and verification.  We invite you to click and check them out for full disclosure.  Additionally, the use of Facebook advertisements requires Facebook ad approval committees examining the product, and website being promoted.  All products and websites must be approved by their standards and products/services of certain nature or lacking authenticity are not approved for promotion.  

The click-able links below appear on the product page, while viewing the "Shop Now" link.






Why is Grind better than other products?

It's not better. It's the Best. Other products use only a few ingredients spread across several capsules in order to boost your perception that you're getting a deal.
We use 14 ingredients, in full amounts that have been proven to work, contained in one easily-swallowed capsule. This makes it more effective and more convenient than anything else.

Is Grind safe?


Our product is made in the United States, by a facility registered with the Food and Drug Administration, certified as being compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Our ingredients come from natural organic sources, and have been extensively studied by scientists, universities, and organizations all over the world.

Is Grind approved by the FDA?

Technically, no dietary supplement sold in the United States is approved by the FDA. This even includes standard vitamins available for purchase over the counter at stores such as Walmart and CVS. This doesn't mean that they are unsafe or unregulated. It simply means the FDA does not approve products on an individual basis. However, the ingredients used in all dietary supplements cannot be ones that are banned by the FDA. Additionally, the FDA will take action against products that are adulterated, unsafe, and misbranded. Grind is made and bottled in a facility that is registered with the FDA, and is certified as meeting the criteria of Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations, which are also enforced by the US Food and Drug Administration.



Can anyone use grind?


Grind is perfect for any gender, age, race, religion, and creed.
However, it is not recommended for, intended for, or sold to persons under the age of 18.
Do not feed to plants or animals.

Other products have made me feel weird.  Will Grind do that?

We spent an immense amount of time fine-tuning the exact formula in order to prevent any undesirable effect such as jitters, crash, constricted blood vessels, nausea, etc. Grind provides a very clean energetic feeling that does not abruptly stop.

Can Grind be used with other sources of caffeine or dietary supplements?


It can be used safely with other things such as coffee, alcohol, or other nutritional supplements, according to a person's individual tolerances and experience. Grind is specifically designed to stand on its own, eliminating the need for additional product intake, but its ingredients are hand-selected to fit into anyone's current lifestyle without causing adverse health effects. Consult your primary health care professional for any additional concerns.

Does grind contain unnecessary filler substances?

Each capsule is packed with 635 milligrams of active ingredients, in amounts that have been proven effective. We have clearly identified the amount of each ingredient on the Supplement Facts panel in order to transparently show how each capsule is divided.

Can I eat my favorite foods while taking Grind?

You can eat, drink, and do whatever you like while enjoying the benefits of our product. Just as we make no recommendation or judgement on how you live life, we make no requirement or mandate about what you put into your body. Grind was created for the sole purpose of making you feel good no matter you do or don't do.

Are there directions for taking Grind?

Here is the Suggested Use from the bottle's label.

Do I have to exercise while taking grind?

It will greatly enhance every positive effect from exercise, and it will physically and mentally motivate you to be active. But you can easily enjoy all of Grind's benefits by relaxing, reading, listening to music, or simply wanting a jolt of extra energy before heading out with friends on a Friday night.

Can  take grind following a night of alcohol consumption?

It will make you feel much better. We encourage its use in this manner.

Can I travel with, and take grind through airports and on airplanes?

We do this often. There are no internationally banned or illegal substances in our product.

How soon will I receive my bottle?

1-3 days.

We ship your order by your choice of U.S.P.S. First-Class Mail®, U.S.P.S. Priority Mail™, or U.S.P.S. Express Mail™

You are only charged the exact rate that USPS requires to mail your package. You receive a tracking number through email when the shipment is confirmed.
Orders received by 3pm Eastern Standard Time will ship the same day. Order received after 3pm EST will ship the next business day. The transit time for packages is 1-3 days. Delivery times are subject to holidays observed by USPS as well as adverse weather, traffic, or other delays that may cause the tracking to change accordingly.

Does Live It use social media such as Facebook and Instagram to employ paid endorsements?

Proof of the value, worth, and effectiveness of our work is how you live your life. We want to be a tool with which you use to be successful. Sharing in your happiness and well-being satisfies our place in the limelight, not overshadowing yours.

Does Live It automatically sign me up for a membership, or a monthly subscription when I order a bottle?

Absolutely not.

We think that's absurd. Sales tactics such as that go against the core values that Live It was built upon.